Making things that people want.

We partner with companies and entrepreneurs to build products, solutions and experiences that make a difference in people's lives. Our focus is to work with high performing teams to develop companies that have significant potential to scale and generate economic returns for investors. We work closely with our partners to turn high potential ideas into viable, growing business ventures and help to scale emerging companies to the next level.


Equity Partnerships

We constantly explore opportunities to become an equity partner in start-ups and emerging companies and to play an active role with entrepreneurs to unlock potential. We add value by providing strategic management support and by sourcing capital to invest into promising early stage companies.


What our partners say about us.

"Great people to work with."

— Edan Kertis, MyQuest Inc..

"Inspiring new ideas!"

— Scott Duncan, Boldstream Interactive

"Bringing a new perspective."

— Andrzej Goryca, Dinovus 5