Founders & Executives

John McDonald profile photo.jpg

John McDonald

Co-founder & Managing Partner

John founded MCD Group in 2002 and led the company from start-up into a multi-faceted communications group with complementing business units offering brand consulting, marketing communication, print, internet and technology platform development solutions to large financial services companies.

John is the CEO of Questr and leads the development of the company through the formation of strategic partnerships.

Monique McDonald profile photo.png

Monique Biehler

Co-founder & Strategic Consultant

Monique is an experienced marketing and social media specialist. Skilled in loyalty program development, customer relationship management (CRM), data management, team development and leadership. Strong entrepreneurial professional that plays an active role in a team and engages and interacts on all stakeholder levels.

Monique specializes in bridging the gap between technology development and marketing.

Consultants, Venture Builders & Advisors

Our strategic team consists of 9 people from various backgrounds including media, technology, finance, marketing, leadership architecture and team development. Our advisory council serves as a soundboard and provides strategic insight and guidance in terms of the direction of the various development initiatives. They bring their wealth of experience and expertise to help develop new solutions, projects and ventures, and to ensure that we build platforms with longevity and a unique position in the market. They provide leadership and management support to the executive team and the businesses we help to build.